We Plant NYC is an approved NYC Parks Tree entity for NYC street tree planting. If you need help planting a NYC street tree for existing or new construction, call on WePlantNYC.

Trees make NYC more livable by:

• Removing air pollutants that can trigger respiratory illnesses
• Reducing stormwater run-off
• Keeping the city cooler during the summer
• Providing shelter and food for birds and other wildlife
• Offsetting climate change by reducing energy used by buildings
• Reducing carbon dioxide emissions that pollute our air

New street trees are planted at eligible locations requested by the public and at locations determined by NYC Parks. All plantings are within the City-owned public right-of-way.



The NYC foresters work with experienced tree growers like We Plant NYC, to make sure that only the healthiest and most appropriate of our approved species are selected for planting. To choose the right tree for the right place, we consider many factors, including tree bed type and sidewalk width, soil compaction, surrounding tree canopy, flood/drought conditions, nearby infrastructure, and how the tree’s size and height will affect buildings, utility lines, sewers, and sidewalks. Learn more about the NYC tree planting process, click here.

Trees are planted during March through May and October to December. Because tree plantings may be delayed by weather or other unforeseen events, we’re unable to provide an exact planting date. But before your new leafy friend arrives, a sticker will be placed where the tree will be planted in the sidewalk.

In areas with lawn strips, a flag will be placed indicating that a new tree will be planted within the public right-of-way.

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