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silvercup studios

WePlantNYC at Silvercup Studio

WePlantNYC designed, constructed, installed and maintains over 120,000 square feet of green roofs, including reviving and currently maintaining Silver Cup Studios’ 30,000 square foot green roof in NYC.

The Project

Over 35,000 square feet of rooftop with self-sustaining vegetation, Silvercup Studios’ Green Roof was the largest green roof built to date in New York City and the first to be scientifically monitored. To allow for maximum flexibility, the roof was designed using a modular system. First a layer was laid on top of the existing membrane for added drainage and protection for the roof during the installation process. Then over 1,500 modules were placed on the rooftops and interlocked together to form a continuous planted surface. To lessen the weight load of each module, pre-cut styrofoam blocks were placed in the deeper pockets of the modules. A filter fabric was then laid down and each module was filled with 3 inches of growing medium composed of expanded shale and organic material. The modules were prepared at an off-site location, trucked to Silvercup Studios, and then craned to the roofs. Once the field of modules was created, each module was planted according to the landscape design. Over 20 different sedum varieties were used, organized into linear strips and geometric blocks to maximize the contrast of the different hues of green, textures of the foliage, and bloom color and time. The planting pattern will also evolve over time, creating a continuously changing horizontal canvas. Long strips of brightly-colored outdoor fabric run in the opposing direction of the lines of the plantings.

“Thomas Salamone’s team of specialists maintain all exterior grounds, including tree wells and two roof top spaces totally 35,000 square feet. I am confident that his team will continue to provide great work to future clients.”
Stuart Match Suna, President Silvercup Studios
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