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A green roof is a roofing system, which partially or completely covers a building’s rooftop, that uses vegetation to reduce heat reflection and absorb rain water. A green roof’s growing medium is planted over a waterproofing membrane and can include root barriers as well as drainage and irrigation systems.

Green roofs help New Yorker’s breathe a little better by improving air quality. They can also help moderate building temperature, reduce heating and cooling costs, manage storm water, provide additional habitats for wildlife, reduce and reflect sound, create recreational spaces, and increase roof durability and life.

While climate consideration is a big factor, plant selection also depends upon the height and slope of the roof, the type of growing medium, whether there is an irrigation system, the type of plant maintenance you select, and more. WePlantNYC can assist you in selecting appropriate vegetation. We even cultivate our own plants on our Hudson Valley nursery for custom installations.

Just like a regular garden needs maintenance to flourish, so does a green roof. If no irrigation system is in place, green roofs need to be watered. They also need to be weeded regularly. It is important to monitor that the drains and drainage layers are working properly. We unfortunately have seen – and were called upon to revive – green roofs that have been installed by other companies but not maintained. is a full service green roof company that provides the plant maintenance your green roof requires.

You need to know the current roofing materials, how much weight your roof can hold, the slope of your roof, the status of the draining system, if water and electrical supply is currently in place, your sun and wind exposure, and your plans for maintaining and using your green roof. We know this may seem overwhelming. We are happy to meet with you to discuss all of these questions.

If you install a new green roof, you can apply for a NYC property tax abatement application. For more information, click here.