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  • Green-Roof-New-York-City-NYC-Rooftop
    save energy

    Green roofs can improve the energy performance of buildings, help manage stormwater, reduce…

  • Green-Roof-New-York-City-NYC-plants
    extend roof life

    Most waterproof roofing systems break down and begin to fail due to exposure…

  • Green-Roof-New-York-City-NYC-green
    reduce urban heat

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) encourages the creation of green roofs for…

  • We-Plant-NYC-Roof-Garden-1
    so beautiful!

    Commercial and industrial roofs no longer need to be eyesores of endless concrete,…

  • Green-Roof-New-York-City-2
    eco smart

    The greater insulation offered by green roofs can reduce the amount of energy…

  • We-Plant-NYC-Crane-1

    Biodiversity is the number, variety, and variation of different organisms found within a…

  • Green-Roof-New-York-City-NYC-reduce-run-off
    reduce storm run off

    Most buildings are designed to shed rain and are built with hard, impenetrable…

  • Green-Roof-New-York-City-NYC-bridge
    tax incentives

    It’s your lucky day! New York provides a co-op and condo tax abatement…